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Цюрих, развлечения для детей.

Zurich Toy Museum - Fortunagasse 15. Showcasing a beautiful collection of toys from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century. Open Mon-Fri 2pm-5pm, Sat 1pm-4pm.

Zurich Zoo - Zurichbergstrasse 221. View arounf 2000 animals in enclosures designed to imitate their natural habitats. Zoolino is perfect for young children to meet little animals.

Alpanmare - Gwattstrasse 12. An indoor breaker pool, 9 slides, whirpool thermal pool and an outdoor Rio Mare river are just a few of the highlights of Europe's biggest indoor waterpark.
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Swiss National Museum - Museum Strasse 2. A large range of permanent and temporary exhibitions pertaining to Swiss cultural history are housed in the castle-like building. Particularly interesting are the monumental fresco's by Ferdinand Hodler Retreat. Open Mon-Tue 10am-5pm.

Fraumunster Church - At Munsterhofplatz. The stunning stained glass windows by Augusto and Marc Chagall are a must to view, as well as a series of fresco's by Paul Bodmer.

Museum of Fine Arts - An enormous collection of 19th and 20th century art works by amongst others Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Dali, Picasso and a room devoted to Chagall.

Johann Jacobs Museum collection on the cultural history of coffee - Seestrasse 204. All about coffee and each visitor gets a free cup of coffee at the end of the exhibit. Open Fri-Sat 2pm-5pm, Sun 10am-5pm free.

Lindt Sprungli Chocolate Factory - Renowned for thier world-class chocolate, eat some free samples while viewing the exhibit area. Open Wed-Fri 10am-noon and 1pm-4pm, entrance free.
Address: Seestrasse 204, CH-8802
City: Kilchberg Switzerland
Phone: (+41) 1-716 22 33
Tags: Цюрих, Швейцария, путешествия с детьми

  • Каникулы в Швейцарии. Волшебная флейта.

    Зато мы сходили с Ксенией на "Волшебную флейту" в Цюрихскую оперу 20 марта. Двух билетов рядом не было еще в январе, я ждала-ждала, вдруг появятся,…

  • Каникулы. Швейцария.

    Вопрос где и как провести каникулы решился сам собой, когда я увидела акцию вим-авиа "в Базель за 20 евро". В результате купили билеты по 100 Е со…

  • Разрешение на вывоз от отца.

    На сегодняшний день я нашла 2 страны шенгенской зоны, не требующие разрешения на вывоз от второго родителя - Швейцария и Литва. Разрешение нужно…

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